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Hi i wanna roll a Rep in PoTF, i dont wanna lvl another Mara or Jugg, i didnt really like the Sin play style. So i wanna try out the almighty Sage, but looking at the PvP videos on youtube, and man does it look hella boring. Is it because these people aren't good, or is this how the class is played? I cant even watch these videos for long, cuz everything is so repetitive and i was about to snooze.

So question is, are Sages fun in pvp.
Unless things have change, isn't it fun to burn people down? In all seriousness, Sages are fun to play, for awhile. Then yes it does get old. I play my telek sage off and on, trading with my Slinger and, Commando healer. I have a lot of 50's so I never really get bored of PVP. My advice is to rotate once a week to keep the play style fresh.