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Hey everyone! Seems my previous fan-fic received some great feedback, so I am continuing the series earlier than I originally planned. The second installment will focus on The Master's daughter and her quest to further his plans. There won't be too much action like in The Breaking Point, but what action that is in there will more than make up for it. Some of the action will be slightly more 'gruesome' (specifically the action with The Master and The other Watchers), but it's not going to be like 'I blew his head to kingdom come!' .

Anyway, if you missed The Breaking Point or any chapters of it, you can find it here:

Musings of the author will be written in Dark Green


War is a game of deception, and The Master had played that game to perfection. Everything that had occurred was apart of his plan... even his capture. Skywalker had brought him to the galactic capital to be tried and convicted of several war crimes, the punishment, of course, was death.

The Master sat within a Force Cage, escorted to the Court Chambers by Luke Skywalker. They refrained from speaking to one another, much to The Master's dismay. He had hoped Luke would try to preach his Jedi teachings at him, if for nothing else other than entertainment. But Luke remained serene, centered in The Force. He believed the Force Cage kept The Master's power suppressed, but that was far from the truth. He was in control of the situation, they could prevent him from unleashing his power, but they could not contain his potent will.

Luke escorted The Master's floating cage into the center of the Court Chambers. The almost spherical chamber remained empty aside from a Twi'lek Judge sitting in a durasteel stand.

The Master looked around the room as his cage came to a rest. "No Attorney, no Jury. What is this? Is this an example of your proud judicial system, Skywalker?"

Skywalker, still at The Master's side, opened his mouth to respond, but the female green Twi'lek answered for him. "This is a sentencing hearing. There is no jury, there are no lawyers."

The Master shook his head. "So that is how it is?"

The Judge looked at the papers in front of her. "You are charged with treason, conspiracy to commit treason, several war crimes, genocide, and mass murder. For these crimes, you are sentenced to..." She stopped and hesitated. "Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

The Master had many things to say, but he didn't plan on grand-standing. "Yes. Yes I do Though it won't change anything, will it?." The Force Cage limited his mobility, so he remained seated. "My students and I created a wall between the Galactic Government and those who wished to destroy it. We manipulated events to ensure that battles would end in our favor. When Emperor Palpatine took control of the galaxy, I helped bring the Rebel Alliance together. I made sure the Death Star plans fell into Rebel hands. I arranged Grand Admiral Thrawn's departures into the Unknown Regions. I made sure Palpatine was on the Second Death Star, and helped Luke Skywalker get to him. I allowed the location of reborn Palpatine's clones to fall into New Republic hands." The Master sighed heavily before continuing. "When the Vong attacked the New Republic, I did what I could to turn the tide, but they were more powerful than I had remembered. When the New Republic bested them, I assumed that the galaxy was in good hands. I remained watchful, but allowed the Galactic Alliance to fight its own battles. Until Skywalker allowed the Sith to continue their pathetic existence."

The Judge rose a hand to stop him. "If I may interject, but what is the point of this?"

The Master rolled his eyes at her ignorance. "The point is that you need us on that wall. You need us to provide that barrier between your weak people and those that would do them harm."

"And that excuses your actions?"

Indeed. "Those deaths, although tragic, saved lives. My war would have saved lives. And my existence, although completely incomprehensible to you, saves lives! Even after everything your Alliance has been through, you are still weak, but I would have made the galaxy strong again."

The Judge quickly interjected. "I've heard enough. The sentence is death! And at Master Skywalker's recommendation, you will be held aboard the Jedi prison The Prism. Take him away, Master Jedi."

The Force Cage lifted off the ground as Luke directed it out of the Court Chambers.

Sentenced to death. At least they got that right. But they were sending The Master right where he wanted to go: the ancient Jedi-built prison The Prism.

Everything was proceeding as The Master had foreseen.

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