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Hey everyone,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We believe that we have found a potential resolution that should alleviate if not resolve many issues similar to the one brought up in this thread. This potential resolution will be put in an upcoming patch. We'll keep an eye on this thread when it goes live to see how effective we were and adjust our efforts accordingly.
IF possible, could you please TEST the fix first, when you put 1.7 up on the PTS, before pushing it to live? Because, based on the track record of making changes, this is bound to cause a new bug, unintentionally change the coloration of other items, or just break something unrelated at all.

Also, please be aware that just pushing a change to force the items to be the color of their icons is going to cause another problem, just a large as the change to the spymaster and phantom armor did. Because this issue has been in the game since (before) launch. There are alot of players that picked a specific skin tone in order to get the gear that is affected to be one of the different colors (like picking skin tone #1 so they could have the black Aspiring Knight's vest), or they've used it for so long, they like the different color the item is on them. Just making the change (without any kind of public test) is just going to cause more problems that will then have to be fixed.