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Just to be clear there was only ever one good PvP guild on The Fatman. The guild was Tactical Wookie Assault Team. Half of them quit or became very casual by 1.2. The remaining few joined Seal Team Sith but were all gone before the server merger to Pot5. They got bored winning every match so they moved on.
To be fair, PvP Teams like that are a group of 8 guys sitting in the same room with their computers linked to the same ISP. They do not need Team Speak, they use verbal communication without the aid of a secondary program and they literally discuss strategies on their free time. This is their life. When they feel they have conquered a game, they move on to the next game and do the same.

I know, I have met people like this, have been invited to join them, and had to turn them down because honestly, that is way too hard core for my blood.

They would have moved on regardless of the teams they went up against, because no team can compete against that unless they themselves have a similar set-up.
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