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Well, first "Tch just do X" is not a male only thing
/facepalm #3 Yeah, I know...I'm using a common trope to make a point. I was going to add in the anecdote that it's the complete opposite with me and my dad, but I thought you'd just get the humor and move on rather than turn it into yet another argument. You kind of remind me on the internet 15 years ago.

Second, I tend to say they're broad fromt he start and that of course there are the minor exceptions. Third, tact wasn't an option. When I as a player may want something, I realize the business should do what's in it's best interrests in terms of profitablity, as this keeps the product going that I want to see going, and a profitable business also keeps a staff employed ( can look at City of Heroes and see that profitability can still lead to layoffs), and not in doing what I may want, that could possibly be what only a minority of players want/can careless about in either direction.
.... not even sure how this relates to my comment. Either this is a reply to something else or you misunderstood me.

Also, I don't see much tact in going outside the forums to start a campaign. I don't see much tact in saying "BW who's made SGR in other games is now discriminatory against RL SGR"
Neither do I, which is why I never said anything like that. Again, not sure why include this in your reply to my post which had nothing to do with any of this. I think you have me confused with someone else in a conversation I wasn't part of.

While I don't think adding SGR will do this, let me ask you this...

Would you prefere SGR options where added even if it was shown it would cause the game to be shut down in two months? Or would you prefere it stayed out if that was shown what would happen?

Cause I promise you, this is exactly the type of things those who run companies think about. How will this effect long term.
Why even ask a question that even you don't think has any truth to it? If Bioware really thought this would hurt their game, they wouldn't do it. Nobody has more information and feedback from their audience then they do.
Every move they make is a being evaluated by their internal metrics and number crunchers. Despite all the fanfare, I really don't think Bioware/EA caves to pressure to a few people on these forums. They made a decision to include SGR pre-launch. They started working on Makeb last spring, and I would be willing to bet they had the timeline of when they were going to announce certain features set up many months ago (in spite of Gabe's and Hall's accidental early spill).

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