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The Story So Far
All of my characters (except Ukaita who lives in the AU thread) live in the same universe. There are obvious issues when it comes to the game story timelines of different classes being played by multiple generations which I blithely ignore and continue on my way. (By the way, once I started writing down these story arcs I came to the conclusion that I've written a ridiculous amount here and really should stop...after Jese and Felix figure out their stuff...and Fionnai grows up...and Sana quits making snarky remarks...and aw who am I kidding?) On we go!

Starting with my matriarch:
Major Sana Kaarde
spoilers for Ord Mantell trooper

Esma Kaarde
spoilers for Act 2-3 jk and a teensy bit of Tython jk

Skari Magrave
spoilers for end act 1 bh

Solomon Crae
spoilers for My Name is Solomon Crae

Fionnai Crae

Jese Kaarde
JC spoilers & spoilers for The Man in the Box

And that's the story so far! *looks up* dear lord *faints*
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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