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This build here is quite normal:

For pve tanking. At low levels, putting 3 points in Shroud of Darkness isn't a huge benefit but it can be once you get better gear.


Dark ward (every time it's near the end
Taunt (force pull/mind control/mass mind control)
Thrash to proc shock
Force lighning (with 3 stacks of harnessed darkness

SOmething like that anyway. It's been a while since I've properly tanked.
You can also use discharge to gain some aoe threat and debuff the enemy with more accuracy debuffs.
If you shock first then wither you get to 3x HD faster.
Also I go thrashless for full darkness now due to force issues in that spec. I still run out of force sometimes even in thrashless, so I know you guys are having trouble with thrash as your filler. It's because of the expensive shock.... 50 force isn't something you can spend regularly in any spec.
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