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I'll have a better response when I have time to read more, but I'll start with a few preliminary questions on your bubble stun spec. It feels like you went DPS heavy on this one, was there any particular reason? Personally, I'd still put the 2 points to increase WP rather than take lightning effusion, I'd take the two points to reduce WW CD and increase Jolt lockout instead of Lightning Barrage, and put the 2 points to decrease force costs rather than increase the damage of a few DPS abilities.

I've tried a more DPS heavy spec like the one you have listed, but the amount of damage based abilities I have to use regularly in order to make the talents worth it impacts my healing too greatly. I'm not saying what you have is wrong in any way, I'd just like to get your insight on why the DPS abilities > more utility.

Edit: This is the spec that I run for PVP atm.
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