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The Story So Far: My (excessive) story catalogue falls into three separate major universes.

I will include links to relevant individual stories; I'll mark the ones that are on standalone threads with an asterisk *. Anything without an asterisk was published on the SFC.

Nalenne, Niselle, Rho, Nic, and Dahlia reside in the silly universe of There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath, or NDOW for short. The original standalone run is here* while assorted pre-and post-timeline chronicles are over here*. Nalenne and Niselle are twin sisters, a Dark Side Warrior and a Dark Side Inquisitor who aren't on very good terms. This summary includes spoilers for the Sith Warrior line.


The Chronicles timeline continuation summary adds spoilers for the Jedi Knight line. It is relevant to only a couple of very recent SFC posts.
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