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no stages, dont make your fanfic a canon terminology.

and to SithKorisomething, dont remember name: most probably that Driod killed them all by Moff's order
Nice to see you've read it

But yes its just a theory. But I do think that there are different types of Sith, and I do believe that to be a Sith you have to be strong willed. Because your effectively doing battle with the Force.

And yes I agree, that Droid so killed them all. He mentions his skills include 'man-slaughter' *hint* *hint* that droid had a part in it. But I also agree that Sith often make rash and wasteful decisions as they often lack control of their emotions - killing enemies or in-subordinates, when they would have been more useful to them alive. Anger is useful, but only when focused and controlled.