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Excellent, valid points. I agree with everything you've said. It's just, when you you know Sidious' true potential and some of his Force Powers, it's a gamble betting against him. Darth Sidous is my favorite character in the universe, and that's why I root for him.

Would his infamous Force Storm not be able to swallow up the Son? Or, would the Son be able to counter it? It's just interesting to debate, as we're also informed Sidous had the most powerful Force Lightning in Sith history, and it would be great to see his lightning up against the Son's red lightning.

Wasn't Sidous also the raw embodiment of the Dark Side? Thus, wouldn't he be on par with the Ones? For example, the Ones are basically the force, but Sidous is actually the Dark Side manifestation, so wouldn't he be godlike and be nigh impossible to defeat? I'm not disagreeing with anyone's points, I'm just trying to raise further topics for discussion.