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Shouldn't Ace get bonus points for not only doing kephess first, but also accomplishing Warstalker in 16m? something no other guild has accomplished? Just sayin...
I'm a sniper for Ace know as "Metos" IG.
I d'ont care about the warstalker or not and have a bonus point for it. Juste because Warstalker is a joke now.
Zorn & Toth is pretty easy. And, after the Tanks, the rest is a joke. Vorgath is ridiculous... and Kephess isn't so hard anymore (I will talk about it later)

This week we made kephess with a deconnection of one of our Main Tank while another had a graphic bug and can't focus nor see Kephess when he appeared, we had some casual members with us that died... but we killed him easily!!!
That's not the same fight at all... Kephess is weak now!
I mean, comparing with what he was when we killed him... now, he's a joke!

I heard the critics about our waitings during the first down... waiting for the CDs came up. That's the mecanic dudes... It was impossible before the nerf to kill Kephess without that! Just open your eyes.

I congrat all the guys that had down Kephess after us. But, its clearly not the same Kephess since he was nerfed!
We tried hard on Kephess, so much tries... he was really hard, but it's because he was hard that we fought him so intensively! Some people of ours spent hours and hours analysing this fight, trying to find the secrets and keys of this boss.
We talked for hours, nights after nights, watching our videos, the battles... where we could gain dps or time, then we tried our tricks and tips during the next night.
Searching how to kill the bomber in a better way, how to dps the Walker a maximum, how was the best things to do for every thing. We played hours and hours on Kephess before the down. But, we spent so many time too in analyzing this fight.
And all of this was streamed! Every guild could have access to our videos, could have our strats and see that we were waiting for CDs to came back up.

I think that's a lack of respect to made us 3rd.
We are the only guild that really killed Kephess... and that wasn't a stroke of luck at all, we killed him and killed him again BEFORE the nerf. Who else?
Who else was abble to kill Kephess before... who did it?
Who else can say "I cleaned EC Nightmare before 2013" ?

The weak of the apparition of EC Nightmare, the server was down till 22h for us. And we just played another night after.
Ok, we stay a lot on the tanks, our bad. But the other guilds can kill kephess 4 weeks after us... and a "nerfed" Kephess and have so much points that we become 3rd?
That's clearly a joke!
And I'd like to bring at your attention that Ace wasn't on the PTS!
Some guilds were quicker than us for Zorn & Toth, then Firebrand and Stormcalled or Vorgath too... but maybe thay had an access on PTS that we hadn't!!!
I think we could have been really quicker if we had played on PTS too...

Yes, in order to kill Kephess, we had "delayed"... but is it a cheat? NO!
Did we even tried to exploit bugs like the Dark Malgus Statue? NO!
Did we cheated or tried to? No
We used all the regular mecanics of fight... and it was clearly impossible to own Kephess without before this nerf.
All the fight was done according to the state of the art.

Make us 3rd is, in my opinion, a real joke and a huge lack of respect. Sorry to say.

I really don't want to do a lack of respect to other guilds that killed Kephess after us. Again, all my congrutaltions my friends... But we all know that Kephess isn't the same anymore and we tried so hard to kill him to see that ranking now... that's really not fair.
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