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Ofcourse I throw in the occasional hit when everybody is topped up and when adds have to be killed, but this doesnt change the game really.

And ofcourse i know PVE geared players have more potential in stats, thats obvious. But I am very skilled in healing and did get through TFB HM dread guard.
I'm just looking to have a ground to work on when people doubt to take me on runs.
just becos u got true it dont mean u are damn good at pve keep in minde there was second healer as other say i would not heal with some one in pvp gear u may be skilled but u louse way too much in stats for end game ops .
in my guild we have merc heal who clear it up to kepesh yet in my opinion he have alot to lern and was covered by other healer so he thinks hes awsome as for li if u have good grup its easy try it with tisonie/columi geared grup if u think u are that good