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So I'm a full BH/Campaign Assassin tank right now, with 397 def rating (27.61%), 543 shield rating (64.81% with DW), and 495 absorption rating (57.54%). As an assassin tank, should I be striving for 30% def, 60% shield and absorption? Should I get to these numbers with augments, or dump my augment slots into endurance and get those numbers with the dreadguard and hazmat gear? I'm currently not raiding enough to be swapping around mods and enhancements for BiS. Does the increase in self-healing make endurance boosting worth it? There are a couple sins on my server I know of with over 30k hp with stims. Right now my health is right at 25k with a stim.
Endurance Augs are a waste of time.

The increase in self-healing does not outshine the loss in mitigation.

25-28k is about where you should be sitting (24-25k in high-mitigation 61s, 28k in fully min-maxed 63s, due to extensive use of "B" mods for higher total stat budget).

When I see a Sin with 30k+ HP, I just chuckle a little, because there are no 16 main raiding groups active on my server, and the ONLY justification for having that much HP (other than e-peen or ignorance) is doing 16 man NiM EC. Even then, I'd probably choose to sit in the 28-30k range and keep more mitigation.

I wouldn't super-freak over "30/60/60". It's a general guideline, not a specific target to hit. You want to maximize your defensive stat budget, while being smart about it. Given that we always land on the high side of the "ideal" shield value (no other option, really), you're better off slightly over-emphasizing Absorb.

It's also not that meaningful, because there are any of a number of boss fights where you're best off with an on-use relic (preferably Campaign shield/absorb relic), which means your stats will fluctuate.
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