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I'll admit I'm not the most articulate forum poster and I post with a lot of hot emotion. And I might be part of the vast unfortunate majority... So I can see and understand your frustration about how difficult it is to find the good info in player feed back.

BUT the forums have plenty of level headed players that pvp a lot and have provided plenty of evidence. I see many of the familiar faces have even responded to this post. It would only take someone 5 or 10 mins to find the good posts that have been on the forums for MONTHS. Given all that and reading your comments just makes it very clear you guys STINK (IMO) at pvp class balance. It was laughable to learn you play two of the few classes/builds that are actually viable in pvp then go on to say what you devs play have no impact on your class balance methods. The fact that you seem (just using your comments so I could be wrong) to rely on what you guys play personally and combat logs to class balance makes me think you are viewing this from a very narrow view point. Not sure if you guys are even playing RWZ against good teams or even taking the time to find the posts that actually provide good raw data or the posts that simply compile HOURS of play experience.

You think pvp balance is good right now? There is clearly a small group of "haves" and and large group of "have nots" There are a handful of class specs dominating pvp, another handful that are just OK but don't come close to the OP "haves" group.. and several that are just flat out broken. And when I say broken they have no viable role in RWZ because there are significantly superior classes that can do much better in every role.

It's pretty clear balance has been bad since 1.2. You guys are simply not listening to what we as a player base are saying. Your looking at data and theory and not taking the time to figure out what the actual player experience is. Numbers don't lie but they never give you the whole picture.

It's pretty clear that the people that think class balance is ok play the handful of classes that ARE OK or OP:

Tank assassins
PT Powertechs
Healing Operatives
Smash Jugs
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