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Well I'm afraid it is partly about whether these characters will have SGR options available or not. Seeing as that is a major feature of the expansion, which these NPCs will feature in. May I add that BioWare announced the SGRs would be avaliable for certain NPCs - these characters qualify as being 'certain NPCs' do they not?

And I'm afraid you kind of were:

You seem to be strongly implying here that SGRs are wrong, and should not be in the game. This comment is not relevant to the topic whatsoever. Ganondorq just speculated whether it would be an option or not, she never brought up whether they were right or wrong. That would kind of be impossible since she had nobody to argue with... Ironically it is this comment, not hers, that belongs on the SGR page. I advise you don't put it there though, they would probably perceive it as trolling.

But anyway, as long as we don't discuss whether SGRs are right or wrong or not, I really don't see the problem. Her comment wasn't doing anyone any harm, or detracting from the topic.
definately it is not a major thing for the most of community, I bet that they dont even know about it or forget already; it is only major for those in that sgr topic. I dont know if they qualify as certain, they are on the box picture so I supposed they are on the same level as Malgus and Satele and those probably will only play a major story factor and sgr are probably their team members. of course they may be sgr, but as I said author, who mentioned loregeeks definately didnt mean this kind of stuff.

no, I'm not implying that this is wrong, if anything then I would take pity on those characters, Sith Pureblood afflicted with such disorder would be rather a sad view for me. Did you read previous comments? She/He said that this may be sgr, then someone said something about being all over ekhem Pureblood and then she again mentioned sgr out of nowhere and started smuggler cute talk ( definately with intention of getting reactions, inviting those from sgr topic to comment ont hat ).

and, no, I dont plan to write there, it is completely pointless
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