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01.18.2013 , 08:41 AM | #305
I agree, the area that Ace exceeds in and should be massively praised for is the ability to continuously occupy a 16-man raid team throughout progress.

Ace deserved world first because they were the only competative guild strong enough to keep attendance high throughout.

The hardest part about all of EC NiM was trying to maintain attendance enough to raid 16-man. I wouldn't be wrong if i said that we(FriendlyFire) had to cancel or downsize about 75% of our raids since the content was released.

We are in the process of strengthening our numbers and stockpiling for the new content, whenever it may be. We won't be making the same shortcomings with attendance that we did this time around.

I urge all 16-man guilds to do the same. Don't give up and drop to 8-man. Put in the extra effort to recruit on your appropriate servers and keep the 16-man progress race a worthwhile challenge.

As stated above, ranking systems cannot please everyone. The challenge will be to dominate the race from all aspects without contestation.

FriendlyFire will be ready....will you?