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Only the OP has the 'authority' to dictate what can and can't be said in this thread. You are not the OP. SGRs are perfectly valid, seeing as BioWare announced that SGRs would be introduced in Makeb, in the form of certain NPCs, and these are NPCs. So its perfectly plausible to assume that these NPCs and the SGR NPCs.

And remember, your the one bringining up the debate about whether SGRs are right are not. So please refrain from doing so or take your complaints to the SGR page. This is a conservation about who these characters are, the SGR debate has no place here. Thankyou.

But back on topic, I'm not really sure. No offence but I don't think SGRs are going to be the focal advertising point of the new update, given the controversy surrounding it. These characters are probably some sort of quest-givers or characters central to the story line for Republic and Empire sides. Smuggler being Republic, and Sith being Empire. But maybe they just happen to have a SGR option. After all main characters/quest givers are normally the ones you can have SGRs with.
no, author has no power over this topic, rules and moderators have. question asked about these characters by author strongly suggests that this is not another romance "if" comments never ever were about whenether sgr is right or wrong.
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