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Jag i can see what you are saying. But again I contest regardless of KT, it made the characters DEAL WITH DEATH.

It opens up so much more than what was there before. Granted she comes back as a force ghost, but how many times in the movies and the books that took place in between the 3 movies did Obi-wan in some way shape or form appear to help Luke?

Those that are strong in the force can come back as force ghosts, but only for so long. From what I have read, the more times you do it, the weaker you become until finally you cannot come back anymore.

Again i point to Star Trek II. Look up the conversation at the end between Kirk and his Son. Then you'll understand why as much as I didn't like the decision to kill Mara, but I get why they did it. Plus would it really had an affect for Jacen to kill somebody like say Kyp Durron to become Caedus? No, it wouldn't of had the same meaning, the same sacrifice.

Think of even Robotech. For Rick Hunter to rise and become the true hero, his older brother Roy Folkker had to die.

Granted I loved roy as a character, but I understood why he had to go.
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