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All other Force users would be humbled by the Ones I'm afraid. For one, the Ones are Celestials. The Celestials are a super ancient race that predate the Rakata, the Hutts and everything else. Little at all is known about them accept that they were immensely powerful and possessed incredible knowledge. Eventually they became so powerful that they became a part of the Force, and continued to guide the fate of the galaxy ever since. We can assume that these Celestials which managed to merge themselves with the Force became the Ones. So being literally a part of the Force the power they can wield is limitless, they effectively hold the power of the Force.

And yes the above poster is right, only the Chosen One can control them. And even then is not immune to their power. They are also immortal, only the Dagger of Mortis can kill them. So without that Sidious and everyone else would be powerless. And even if they weren't immortal Sidious does not hold the power to rival or overwhelm there's.

But this was actually 'discussed' in some Clone Wars comic. Speculating what would happen if the Son escaped Mortis with Anakin at his side. Basically they said that Sidious and Yoda would join forces to try and stop them, but would easily be defeated and destroyed.

The Ones are basically the most powerful force users ever.