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My thoughts on PvP builds:

-System Calibrations for Alacrity seems completely worthless to me. Very rare to use a channel unless free casting
-Gyroscopic Alignment Jets should not be taken ever, IMO
-Degauss should always be taken. It saves you from melee
-Burnout should always be taken to 3 ranks

Here is the PvP build I use:

If you are fully geared out, your rapid and healing scan can actually save teammates sometimes. For this reason I have 2 points in Med Tech to reduce cast time for heals. If you prefer to never heal, move those 2 points to the next box over for +2% crit chance.

@Gyroscopic Alignment: I don't see why not, if you are a merc you are an easy target for people and you will always get stunned alot in pvp. I feel this helps with heat management from my personal experience.

2/2 Energy rebounder is needed for you to be able to use Degauss when you need it (unless there is some bug I am unaware of). It is counter productive to have a snare removal up only half the time in a game with alot of snares and melee.

IMO You don't need 3/3 on Burnout in PVP simply because it's a very conditional situation in which a target is below 30% in a game with powerful healers in pvp as well as medpacs and offheals. I would rather take 2/3 and put that point into Energy Rebounder for the reason above in which this skill will constantly be activated due to frequent pvp damage taken.

Regardless, these are minor talent changes that come down to preference.