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The only thing that's invalid here is the ranking system that equates Vorgath with Kephess (the very idea is an abomination), doesn't take into account two major nerfs to both Tanks and Kephess, and doesn't know racing 101, meaning whoever crosses the finish line first wins (a simple logic known to any 10-year old). If you had actually bothered to read what I wrote you would see my issue with the whole "structure" of this questionable system ... so, who's being personal now? And besides, it was Elidhu himself who raged about Kephess and the whole world first race being entirely irrelevant after the nerf (didn't he say he was going to quit until the expansion?) - check your own shoutbox from time to time.
Finish the operation the quickest isnt always the best way to show on whos the "best" guild. When we had our best 16 people online, we took 3 world firsts. After that people started to leave and we basically had to build a new team with new people before we could finish off Kephess, and now when we had a proper team we, i would say, easily killed him. With the team we had i think we would have killed him before the nerf too. But i give huge props to Ace for having all 16 people with enough dedication to kill it, which clearly we didnt have.
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