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I was wondering what kind of words you gonna use, altho I hoped that you will mention some distant past like "we live in civilised world, it is twwwwwenttti fyrssst centurrriii not 1652 anno domini", a little bit of a letdown, and please do not call me that horrible word, I'm not afraid of this kind of people and I do not accept other form of definition for this word. You have your pretty thread with gazillion of pages, there is no need to transfer those "special" preferences into other topics that are about something totally different. and please, be tolerant, I have right to disagree with such things just as I can disagree with any other form of relationships in swtor if they are not to my liking.
That's great an all but also hypocritical. You say your entitled to your beliefs, but so is everyone else, so don't tell her to keep her opinions to the SRG threads. She's got just as much a right to voice her opinions as you do.