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Wow! just insert a race instead of "Male" and that quote turns ugly real quick all in all there really is no difference I am kinda offended as a male to be seen as disgusting thanks!
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I read Male and disgusting it was pretty clear too me.
Well, you quoted me, and I never used that word. Because it isn't applicable for me.

Also, while I can't speak for Samy_Merchi, I just have a problem with customizing male RPG character in general. Except in Dragon Age II, for whatever reason. Or with Chiss in SWTOR.

Lastly, I'm male. Genderqueer, most likely, but male.

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I find it fascinating how different people react to playing avatars. Personally, as a female I tend to have a hard time playing female characters. I've always felt more at home role playing as male, even as a little kid (which earned me a lot of anger and ostracism from girls). I can play female characters, if they have just right kind of attitude. I really like my fem mercenary, probably because she's not incredibly, stereotypically feminine. But usually playing female characters feels awkward, wrong, like you described. Also not sure what that says about me.
Yeah, that's pretty much me, as well. Except substitute "male" with "female" and vice versa.

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I meant the players. And you're right, trying to keep to canon is going to be hard, because the EU messes it up so much it's not funny, and the movie prequals went and added to it.
I'd say the current Clone Wars series is the worst offender when it comes to messing up the canon.

Among other things, you could have a look at its interpretation of Alderaan.

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No. I was implying your sig was terribly worded wrong. Not that you felt you had to do that in RL.
There was nothing wrong with how it was worded. It was a figurative statement. Metaphorical, if you will.

Very easy to pick up on.
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