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Talon VII, I understand what you're getting at. Frankly, they'll never actually age the characters too much, the fans just wouldn't take it. I just don't think Mara's death is something that served SW very well in the long run, especially seeing as they've already had her return in ghost form oddly often already.
and Talon, did you look at the FAQ I posted? She goes into quite a lot of detail about her perception of the Jedi. she doesn't hate them because they've been invulnerable in previous books, she dislikes them because she genuinely thinks they're immoral on some deep level. The clone thing is still coming into play, somehow, it would seem.
Anyway, I'm going to send my Zahn books off to him to be signed fairly soon (he does it for free, the nice man), and maybe I'll slip in a letter and ask him about it myself. Can't hurt, right?

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Karen didn't hate Mara nor did she take the action against the other author's wishes... everything she did was according to the story-line that was agreed to by LA and all authors that took part in the project...
Except it was her idea entirely, she came up with it, LIKE I SAID BEFORE. Which was kinda weird.
And yes, what she did was against the author's wishes. Read any of the interviews they did with Zahn. The fact of the matter was, he was out of the loop and no one bothered to ask his opinion.
And no, she didn't hate Mara. She does really have a thing about Jedi, though.

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there was no personal motive
Yeah there was, in that she thought it was a good idea. There are, however, many who disagree - and I think it's a perspective worth considering.

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it was simply a plot point they all agreed to that happened to take place during the book in the series she was writing..
Does that make it immune from criticism?
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kinda getting sick of clueless fans trying to blame authors for things that were approved by people much higher than them...
Did you read the Wookiepedia article? Did you read Traviss' Jedi FAQ thing I posted? Did you actually look into this at all? Or are you just inadvertently revealing your own ignorance of what's going on in the guise of condemning my supposed ignorance?
Quit with the pointless ellipses, and try not to embarrass yourself any more.
And yeah, sure, it was approved by people higher than them. You know what else was approved at the highest level? Episode I. It doesn't mean it's invulnerable to criticism.
To say nothing of the fact that it was Traviss' original idea and something she insisted on doing. That is absolutely something she was responsible for.