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Oddly enough, I can relate to that experience. I actually have the same difficulty playing femme females as I have playing male characters as well. My characters do all tend to be of a type, which I suppose shows my limitation as an RPer.
I'll admit I completely type-cast myself most of the time. At least with my "mains". I play my characters in a way that the Legacy system supports pretty well - one central character with a lot of supporting roles.

I guess I'll make sure I get back on topic before I leave the thread.

Thinking about a particular topic in general, while I mostly disagree with the thought process in general, there definitely is a question of how they will implement a SGR romance that will seem natural for anyone wanting to take that option. I think the worst case scenario is that it's just a lack of gender check. However, if they actually have your character say a little something that shows reflection on who they are and how it relates to any current romance that had happened, then I'd be very impressed. But I guess I should take the "keep expectations low" attitude.
Also, it did occur to me that several [flirt] options I have encountered with NPCs were somewhat "hidden". Meaning I had to make the right choices in conversation just to get them. I wonder if these will be like that. It would help some of those "arg don't want to see sgr flirts" people.

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I know why. Don't agree with something, then of course, must be an unfriendly person. Basically typical forum behavior. You lack a certain degree of tact in your communication. Also you make broad assumptions. It wasn't a debate. I guess this is similar to a woman getting angry at man when she starts venting about a problem and the guy just responds with "Tch, just do X!". I was trying to avoid derailing the discussion further, but it didn't work.

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