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Hello Damion Schubert,

Clearly you read this thread. You have addressed the "suck" of repeat items in the Cartel Packs. Obviously this was your intention to have repeats throughout the packs and it is not a bug with a certain Cartel Pack file as I had maybe thought. I would like to point out another thread to you Damion that shares many feelings that I will be repeating:

Now you can also go back and look at the description of the pack in the Cartel Market Update. "A unique assortment of items from across the galaxy. Each Pack contains rare bonus items found nowhere else!" It is just not true. Endless Banners, Intimidate and Menace emotes, Ball Toss, and Covert Torso Energy Armor are most definitely found elsewhere. I am not happy about the old rare contents of this new pack.

Let me point out again a few of the descriptions of the product that is being sold in the "More Info" window of the Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack in the Cartel Market:

1. Each Pack contains rare bonus items found nowhere else!
2. Two Rare bonus items with the chance of a Super Rare.
3. This Pack contains Rare bonus items not found in any other Cartel Market Pack

So if a person reads this description and buys the Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack, what is it that a person should expect from the Pack? I believe that a person should expect two(2) items, Rare or Super Rare, that are not found in any other Cartel Market pack. So do the following items meet that requirement?

Ubrikki Sand Devil
Ubrikki Crimson Crawler
Emote: Menace
Emote: Intimidate
Republic Banner
Imperial Banner
Ball Toss
Covert Torso Energy Armor (other people have gotten many of the CTEA, but not myself from the Skip Tracer's. The rest of the items that I listed I received one or more of.)

No, these items do not follow the requirements of the description of the Skip Tracer's Cartel Pack. Therefore, I would really appreciate the compensation of a total worth of 6 Skip Tracer's Cartel Packs, because I opened 12 old items throughout 16 new packs, and each pack is supposed to include two(2) new rare/super rare items. I would also be happy with 6 x 360 Cartel Coins = 2160 Cartel Coins. 3 of the packs contained no new items at all.

My first ticket #7713218 was closed with no response. My second pending ticket is #7806897 if you want to personally address the ticket. The other thread isn't getting anywhere, and perhaps my tickets aren't either.

Now can you address why it was your intention to have old items in new packs, when if we wanted old items we could buy old packs? I know you said all packs probably won't be around forever, but that doesn't justify repeating items in new packs. If you're going to discontinue a pack, you are discontinuing the items inside of them. Otherwise you are just regurgitating packs with a new name and a few new items. It further does not justify what I call "false advertising" whether it was a mistake or not to have the description of the packs be what they are: misleading, untruthful, incorrect, a mistake(I hope). It isn't my fault that the description is what it is. Why should I have to get something different than what I thought I was paying for?

I appreciate that you are changing the contents of future packs to reduce this "suck" level, but I feel that all new packs should contain all new items. Perhaps you should reconsider discontinuing old packs, because of this reason, not that you have committed to doing so.

I love this game, and have loved it for the past year, but this issue I really have a gripe with. I apologize for my repetitiveness throughout this post and the thread I linked.

Thank you Damion for your time and responses!