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01.18.2013 , 01:20 AM | #2173
Quote: Originally Posted by Tom_the_Narwhal View Post
No. That's not opinion. People that have re-rolled to the US servers have mostly said that they want to move their MDN characters to their new home server.
Actually, it is an opinion. He seems to be predicting the future. My opinion is that his opinion is wrong.

*EDIT* Also, I guess I was one of the targets of the poster above me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deviouzzz View Post
and some of the loudest QQers are really just after a free ride to bastion etc, they don't fully represent the APAC community that wants a server based locally for lower ping times
I am part of the APAC community, 'cause I've been fighting for this as well as many other things for the APAC community since before the game launched.

I want the APAC community to keep at least one local server.

If they merge all three servers into Dalborra, I want free server transfers for any RP/PvP characters to a US server of their choice if they want to take advantage of it.

These loud QQers are part of the reason this issue may eventually be rectified.

You're welcome.