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Best species in all of SWTOR. They're actually a near-human race that are essentially a "recent" evolutionary branch of humankind (in the Star Wars universe) - their colouring occurred due to their isolation on Csilla. A mineral in that environment turned their skin blue - I am not sure what caused their glowing red eyes, though, but environmental changes to the planet forced them to live underground for a long time (the originally tropical planet is going through a rather severe ice age)... Eh, yes I'm a fan.

Don't pay attention to my sig, my favorites are all Chiss. (I have one of each class as a Chiss, and used my extra four slots to make other races, some of which are presented in my sig.)
Much love for Chiss The segregation of EU and canon really pains me, as I'd love to see them turn up in other productions.

I agree with Sammy, by the way. I have tried playing male characters, but I can't get very far with them. I just don't have any resonance/chemistry with them - it feels awkward. Disgusting might not be the word I'd use to describe the sensation... It just feels wrong. (Which is kind of strange, as my first ever pencil and paper RPG character was a male paladin, many of my earliest characters were male, and it wasn't until I came out to myself that I started to play only female characters. Not quite sure what that says about me!)
I find it fascinating how different people react to playing avatars. Personally, as a female I tend to have a hard time playing female characters. I've always felt more at home role playing as male, even as a little kid (which earned me a lot of anger and ostracism from girls). I can play female characters, if they have just right kind of attitude. I really like my fem mercenary, probably because she's not incredibly, stereotypically feminine. But usually playing female characters feels awkward, wrong, like you described. Also not sure what that says about me.
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