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First off, dude. It's an amateur move to edit someone's words when quoting them. It makes you look like a school age child.

I care plenty about features for everyone. Guild features will help the players who are involved in guilds. They should be looked at, but you're an arrogant person to assume they should put ahead of everything else, simply because You think they're an important feature.

I also know about the CE vendor. I can't say I agree with it's inclusion, but it's already a thing. I think there's plenty enough that is exclusive to it already. You do realise your statement could be turned right back on you, right? (Should there have been CE vendor updates from the beginning? Sure. But there wasn't. They "said" they would include it later, but realized it wasn't as easy as they thought. Oh well, they wanted it to work out. But it just didn't turn out that way, and priorities are not in the right place right now.) :O)

In short, what you need to realise is that no feature affects everybody. All features affect various amounts of the player base, only Bioware has the metrics on it's specific base. So any attempt to guess at numbers is just that, guessing.

PS: For the record, I play this game as an MMO. I play through the leveling content with a buddy, and we do FPs often. I tried playing this game solo and enjoying the story, but this game simply isn't a traditional RPG. Perhaps for a normal RPG player it seems to have a lot of elements of one, but at it's core it's an MMO. It's a partial fusion, at best.
Pift, That's it?! That's all you got?! My statement still stands.
Try to troll harder next time.
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