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Because there's no option to remove any other content. The "other side" is just going to have to do what everyone else does for features they don't like, like myself and PVP, ignore it and don't use it. How hard is it to just not click the flirt. (That was a rhetorical question. Don't answer it.) It's not the end of the world, just ignore it and before you know it the conversation is over. When the discussion is about making it so that gays don't exist in their world then the discussion is ******** and needs to be tossed out. We don't have a racial toggle and we don't need an SGR toggle.
Query: See master? This is what I mean.

Fact: Nobody has said anything about removing anything. You say that as if it's already been implemented as a permanent thing. Makeb isn't even finished so there's nothing to be removed. They can alter it any time they want. And since you didn't notice it I'll point out that I never said anything about it being toggled or not there. If it's an optional additional download then those who want it can have it. I never said they couldn't or shouldn't because some don't.

Fact: This has nothing to do with any other content. This has to do with SGR. This is nothing like PvP. This is a function that has yet to be put in. Permanently. RotHC has yet to go on the PTS or even have an estimated release date.

Query: Yeah, you could just not click the flirt button, but what about those that don't want to read that kind of response at all? And what about when this moves on to companions? Would it be better to ignore it, or make it an optional addition? And what about when a player's companion starts coming on to their character of the same gender first? Is it REALLY a good idea to force that on those that DON'T want to see that or have that happen?

Request: I would seriously like to hear the developer's opinion on making it an optional download and answering those queries.

Admission: I do have to agree that discussions about not letting gays live in their world in a thread like this are stupid and immature. I don't condone being gay. I personally thing it's wrong. I also think that ANY meatbag relations of any sort, gay or straight, is appalling. But it doesn't mean it's okay for someone to deny them their choice in life or keep them from enjoying things their way.

(This post isn't about why being gay is okay or not. I'm agreeing that those who want to have it can have it despite my personal feelings about it. Any attacks on my personal view will be unnecessary and childish because if you hadn't noticed, I'm in HK character.)

Request: So any developer that can say if it being an optional additional download has or is being considered and answering any queries I've presented would be much appreciated. I only seek to help the master improve the game experience.
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