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Given the dynamic changes of content (such as the simple fact that increasing the enrage timer on Kephess substantially lowers the overall difficulty) and the fact that Kephess is the most difficult encounter on NiM by far (equating that fight to Vorgath is nonsensical in itself) this static mathematical calculation makes this ranking system nothing but pointless pastime. Raiding does not take place in a mathematical vacuum, especially in the inexperienced realm of SWTOR.

Whichever guild killed Kephess on 16m first is the best, that's the only ranking that should be obvious to anyone whose logic is not limited to static calculations at the level of primary school.
I'm glad we agree that this is nothing but a stupid pasttime to keep rankings. I will repeat the notion that if someone chooses to say that rankings are purely based off the order in which the guilds completed a full clear - they are welcome to do that - and my tracking system will provide that information to them. You are perfectly allowed to have your own opinion.

My only point is that we determined the two ranking systems that I keep track of prior to the content being released. It would be unfair of me to go back and change the way those ranking systems worked now.

On a separate note, I would like to point out that the two systems I track were to account for the former complaints on the HM TFB runs. One is weighted to the latter kills and the other is not. The controversy here is that Ace took their time getting started , but went through the content very quickly. FF got a really fast start, but took their time to finish off kephess (and I talk to them and know why that was; they are a very good guild, they essentially took a long break).

I honestly believe both Ace and FF are deserving of being ranked #1. These are merely tracking systems, how you decide to interpret the data is up to you.