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Of course I'm not. Cross dressing involves actually putting on the opposite gender's clothes in real life. What I said is it makes me FEEL LIKE cross dressing, which was meant to convey the sensation that it makes me feel very uncomfortable, but for some reason this doesn't seem to penetrate.
In order to have romance in this game, I am forced to either crossdress or change my sexual orientation. Nice. Thanks "Bioware".

I don't see the "feel like" in this sentence.

.In no way you questioned anyone's sanity. Then in the very next sentence, you do question it. Do please make up your mind.

Ability to make dialogue choices, ability to build affection with companions. And yes, those are game mechanics because they involve you making choices in pursuit of some reward, as opposed to something like passive cutscenes which are there just for aesthetic pleasure.

Why do you think they are *previous* MMOs? BECAUSE THAT LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT ISN'T SUFFICIENT FOR ME. That's why I came to SWTOR over the previous ones. If SWTOR can only offer the same crap as the previous MMOs, why play it in the first place?

If I want to actually have a romance in game, that's hardly an option.

If I want to actually have a romance, I am forced to play a heterosexual, yes.'s been awhile, but didn't TERA have some dialogue choices, just not romance options? I really don't remember now. I seem to recall some MMO with dialogue choices, but no "lets have a dating dim mini game" in it.

I don't know though. I wouldn't call TOR's level of engagement any better than the others. I enjoy the fun of them, but I wouldn't say it's the be all end all of TOR. In fact, if that's the only thing that keeps anyone here, I wonder how they make it to Chapter 3 to even get that option, as boring game play is what had me get a max level in CO and then stop.

Also, its your character who's forced to be hetrosexual (untill Makeb) not you. Again, back toyour sig.