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Request: Master (BioWare), the meatbags here still seem content with fighting amongst themselves about who's right and who's wrong. May I please "take action" against the next ones that insist on continuing the pointless rants? Please? Just a quick action? A little one? Verbal combat is nice, but the hunting of prey is far more enjoyable.

Opinion: I still say that it should be an optional download. Those who don't want it don't have to have it. Those who do can. Everybody wins.

Confused Query: Seriously, why can't anybody see the logic of this?

Fact: One side is going to have to give. We can't have it all one way. Seeing as how they're going to make it available anyways, the best thing to do is to make it an option. NOBODY can make EVERYBODY happy. There is no logical and reasonable reason why it being an option is wrong. It's not being withheld, and it's not being forced. And since it's part of the expansion, you're not paying anything to download it. Anybody who thinks about more than just themselves can see the simplicity and reasonableness of this.
Because there's no option to remove any other content. The "other side" is just going to have to do what everyone else does for features they don't like, like myself and PVP, ignore it and don't use it. How hard is it to just not click the flirt. (That was a rhetorical question. Don't answer it.) It's not the end of the world, just ignore it and before you know it the conversation is over. When the discussion is about making it so that gays don't exist in their world then the discussion is ******** and needs to be tossed out. We don't have a racial toggle and we don't need an SGR toggle.