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First of all thanks CM for getting those ranked pug groups going...

WHERE: Hoth - Dorn Base (-2638, 103)
WHEN: January 26 @ 9pm Eastern / 8pm CST
OBJECTIVE: Kill the enemy.

Republic objective: At least 20 members of the republic faction must reach the Dorn Base Cantina

Imperial objective: Defend your base and don't let that Republic scum penetrate your foothold on Hoth! Wipe out the Republic horde before they enter the Dorn base cantina

How this will work. Imperials Obviously meet at Dorn Base and defend from the Republic invasion. For Republic players, meet and group up at Drift Hills Republic Outpost. From there Republic forces will commence the invasion of Dorn Base.

Update* Another example:

The idea is simple, imps vs reps in open world pvp. The objective: Kill... and eventually take over a base. I love open world pvp. It's more fun than warzones in my opinion it will take at least 20 from each faction. Also, I need a volunteer from the Imperial side to make an ops group and invite everyone. THE MORE THE MERRIER!
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