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A pleasure to meet you Rob,

I have to say since Update 1.2, I would argue class balance has been rather atrocious. I know from personal experience that class balance since 1.2 as well as cutting out world pvp in Ilum caused many of my gamer friends to quit and never return to this game. Powertechs/Vanguards are still extremely overpowered with their ability to stack DOTs as well as generate burst damage. Your nerf of placing a six second cooldown on how often these classes could proc high impact bolt has in no way impeded substantially the ridiculous amount of damage they generate.

Sentinels/Marauders are still extremely overpowered with their high damage along with their various defensive abilities (pacify, guarded by the force, stealth, etc.). Guardians/Juggernauts have an overpowered tree known as "Focus" (also the shared tree for sentinels/marauders) that allows one to do massive AOEs for 6000+ damage with their sweep/smash if they have enough sense to stack strength and power, which doesn't seem to have diminishing returns.

Shadows/Assassins are still extremely powerful (even though their armor rating and self heal has been nerfed) with their kinetic combat/balance hybrid that allows them to generate a mass amount of damage like a DPS class, while also tanking. Sages/Sorcerers have an extremely powerful hybrid in Seer/Telekinetic defense that allows them to essentially permanently stun players without fear of dying. Due to your recent efforts in lessening how much the resolve bar is increased by the bubble stun, it's even more deadly.

I could go on, but I have outlined the classes that are in particular the most prevalent in PvP and clearly the most overpowered from my own accounts. Now I understand that class balance is a delicate process. What you do to the class not only affects its performance in PvP, but also PvE, and such repercussions need to be considered. You also don't want to upset many of your subscribers by constantly changing and tweaking their classes.

This isn't about hurting someone's feelings though, but building a healthy, stable, and competitive game. I'm a huge fan of SWTOR as well as an avid PvPer (I have been here since early access and earlier being accepted into Game Testing). I'm not typing this as a way to get back at particular classes that I hate, because sadly enough I have a Guardian and a Vanguard (two ACs with extremely overpowered trees). As a person who enjoys competitive PvP that requires skill and team-oriented coordination, I want this game to be at its utmost best.

The way PvP is currently, if you want to dominate, you have to play particular classes. Just look at any of the top PvP guilds, especially those who generally queue for ranked warzones, you'll notice most if not all generally gravitate towards the same three or four advanced classes. I believe a lot of these problems can be rectified by placing diminishing returns on power, making shield generators functional in PvP, and overall slowing down the amount of damage that can be thrown out by players.

Having followed this game since October of 2008, I remember BioWare specifically talking about how they wanted to have longer, drawn-out battles, unlike most MMORPGs. You didn't want to be like the other MMORPGs where fights would last less than five seconds, and sadly, that is what SWTOR class balance has turned into. Take a look at what PvP was like before 1.2, when DPS didn't completely dominate and dictate PvP (besides operatives and mercenaries, however healers and tanks were more effective back then). This is just my opinion, however I'm sure others feel the same way.

All the best in constantly improving the game we all enjoy!
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