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01.17.2013 , 09:45 PM | #536
I have been having major lag issues for quite some time now, connecting to Harbinger from the DC area. The lag happens at all times of day, but is worse during the peak hours, such as the evening.



There is bad packet loss once I leave the Comcast network (hop 8) and enter the (Verizon internet backbone) area, especially on hops 9 & 10, around 15% packet loss! Those servers show large packet loss and also show large lag spikes on the following trace route.

Trace Route


These were both taken on 1/17/2013 around 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Just at that time, in game, I was having lag spikes from the normal 100-130ms to 1000+ms, and sometimes higher. I never got a "red X", but I got such severe lag that the game became unplayable.

I am so annoyed by this that I did a whois lookup and called the tech number given for the ip address and left them a message alerting them of the issue after trying to have my IP (Comcast) do so. If the CS Droids could possibly tell Verizon Business ( about their issues and get it fixed soon.