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You realize the character is not you, right (not so sure, judging by your sig)?
Of COURSE, that's a ridiculous question to even ask. You're basically insinuating that I have a psychological inability to discern between real life and a game. How would you feel if I started to call your sanity into question simply because of the preferences you have?

You're not being forced to romance anyone or have to cross dress to play the game right?
Correct. I think any person with the intelligence of a shoe knows that they don't have a gun held to their head. So I'm not sure where you're going with something that even an amoeba can understand.

You make a character, pick what they look like, then play the character (is this your first mmo?)
My seventh actually. And before that I've roleplayed since the eighties. So if anybody is going to educate anybody about what roleplaying is like, I won't be on the receiving end.

Samy_Merchi isn't saying 'all men are disgusting' or 'all men are lesser creatures', nor anything of the sort. She's saying that she finds male characters disgusting (presumably due to a very strong personal preference), or at least the ones she tried to make with the SWTOR character builder.
More or less precisely this. There's a difference between *characters* I find disgusting and *people* I find disgusting (which I don't). To go back to SithKoriandr's insinuation, the difference between game and real life, it is important to remember to discern it.

To be even more precise, actually, I would amend my statement to read, I find male characters (note how we're talking about characters still, not people) disgusting *to play*. I don't necessarily find interacting with male characters uncomfortable, I have no problem scening with Corso or Jorgan or whatever, but pretending to be one makes me very uncomfortable -- essentially, the feeling of being forced to cross-dress. That is the feeling I find disgusting, having to wear the skin of a gender I don't like to play. Not the gender itself. It would be silly.
In order to have romance in this game, I am forced to either crossdress or change my sexual orientation. Nice. Thanks "Bioware".