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I had to do some digging around the internet.

At the time when people first played the Foundry on this game, people were wondering what happened to Revan.

The current lead director or writer for the game left, and the new lead writer said in a statement:

"I do not know of any further references to Revan, but what i can say, is we left the doors WIDE open if we want to bring him back in the future"

Also there have been minor hints from fans taking things from books, and applying them to Revan.

Logically; whenever a Jedi/Sith dies, their bodies are physically there. If they dont, their body disappears and they turn into a force ghost. Becoming one with the force is the equivalent (from what i understand) as "passing on" in our society. So the best explained theory ive seen out there generally goes like this:

Revan creates a force cocoon around him and sealed himself inside a physical manifestation of the force, only to return later, either by his own will, or when released.

people are taking long shots saying how Revan might be referenced or even might go as far as to appear in the new Star Wars films coming out this decade. Which might make sense, depending on what story line Disney is taking in the 7th film.

In all seriousness and my opinion, Revan is WAY too much of an important character to have "disappear" in a game. They would make sure people know and make a huge deal about it. take in Star Wars episode 3. Vader's fall to the dark side was drawn out over an entire episode (persay).

Revans death would not be in a mere flashpoint in a game. it seems a petty way to dispose of a character. Revan is compared to Anakin/Vader of importance in their timeline of star wars history. What im saying is Revan is a major character and cant be simply thrown away.

Maybe we will see the Return of Revan in the future?
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