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Or, fight to keep the canon/lore intact, since they came to MMO for the love of the IP?
Seems little point, given that the entire MMO and everything in it deviates from original movie canon. It's not their fight to fight. EA/Bioware has the right to deviate from the movie canon. They literally paid for those rights.

Besides, fight to keep which canon/lore intact? Unlike most universes Star Wars keeps track of as much of the different forms of canon lore as it can (in a big database they apparently call 'the Holocron'). There's more than one form of valid canon lore for Star Wars, and people coming into SWTOR claiming it should stick faithfully and unfailingly to the movie lore are actually fighting against the valid EU lore.

I mean, I'm cool with people making constructive criticism about changes. That's entirely fine. But taking the party-line that the writers don't actually have the right to do so seems to be missing the point a bit.

Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
Still, bad idea to mix the IP properties, but they could give a race that is like the Asari and make it for SW while being a nod to the Asari.
They could. I don't personally think they need to. There's so much in the way of unused species in Star Wars lore that they could be releasing several a year for over a decade and not need to worry about running out. I'd expect to see Zeltron before Star Wars-ified asari, in any case.
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