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I agree with what I believe was the sentiment behind the earlier post, which is that it's disgusting to have to play a male character to romance the female character of your choice. Thats true, it is. I can't bring myself to do it either, I couldn't even get as far as even beginning to try, so the earlier poster at least did better than me. Its not an insult about men in general, its that this is an RPG where you're allowed to play as a male or female character, and as such if you want to play as a female character you shouldn't be penalized in any way, especially in such an extremely important way.

It's funny, I've played two characters to level 50 now and I don't even know what a 'chiss' is, I'm sure Ive met some and simply forgotten them, but it gave me an interesting and humorous idea for how to solve this whole thing. Not that it's complicated or anything, they could fix it super easily through any number of means, but this is yet another one. Suppose they created a race like the Asari from Mass Effect, who look and sound female, but like how that hilariously dumb fellow tried to say they 'werent female' even though they're explicitly stated as female in the game itself, you could take this race and let them be played as either male or female. Either way you get someone who looks and sounds female, but essentially by choosing the gender you'd be choosing which gender you want to romance. Obviously its much, much simpler to just get rid of the gender checks on the existing romances, but this is just yet another way to solve the issue on top of all the other obvious ones. Also, it would be pretty cool to have an all-female race similar to the Asari in SWTOR, you can never go wrong by adding an all-female race, whatever game you're talking about really .
Does Star Wars have a race like that in it's lore? Personally I'd rather they not intermingle game lores or invent new ones for the Star Wars MMO, and would rather see established canon races introduced.