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The real genius of Star Wars droids is that most of them completely end-run the debate and choose to be slaves. For all his highfalutin quibbles, C3P0 wants to translate things, and offers his services in doing so at every opportunity available. R2D2 is a maintenance bot, and wants to 'fix' things; often things beyond his original capacity to address.

For the most part, droids like what they do, which is a condition seldom found among those with true free will. Since the positions we see droids trying to fill are not high-ranked or well-paid, it can be assumed they are motivated simply by job satisfaction. If you were creating an artificial consciousness, and wanted it to clean floors, it makes perfect sense that you would design one that wanted to clean floors, because focus is what would make it good at that task.

Some few may occasionally rise beyond their station, but my guess would be that most droids are happy being servile droids... because they're designed to be happy being servile droids.