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I'm Cory Kolek, also a UI programmer here at Bioware Austin. I originally implemented the UI Customization feature, and I'm always looking for ways to improve it. I just finished adding the option to change the scale of your buffs and debuffs within the operation, party, player, and target frames. This change has recently entered testing, so look forward to it in a future Game Update!

OMG TY TY TY TY from the bottom of my little healer heart. I have been begging for this since day 1. Can I have your baby?

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That's brilliant!

Any chance there's a way of visually differentiating the HoTs and DoTs you've cast on the target frame (or in the raid frame) , like making them larger, different background, underline... something?

Even just physically separating buffs from debuffs (as they are on the target frame) on the raid frame would be ideal.

Raid healer here hoping for more.
Do this and I will offer you 2 babies!! *winks* Edit: There have been many suggestions about how to be able to manage buffs/debuffs on the raid frames on these forums and addressing this would be a HUGE quality of life improvement for healers. (I personally would like to spend more time watching the play then tunneling all the buffs/debuffs many which i can't or don't need to see to do my job)
Happiest healer ever with this news!

P.S. Having the option of our own and other party member's companions on the raid frame would be a big blessing for those of us that use those instead of party frames in small group settings.
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