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I understand it and I get it and you would make a very good politician aswell. I know what I read. I actually wanted to bring up Marriage i.e ceremony,ring and or Rp tools between players and I get reverse discrimination instead. I feel more Rp style relationship tools would be fun to toy with and would open it up to the next level for all peeps.
I'd make an awful politician with a very short-lived political life, actually, and I suspect you're not actually reading what I'm telling you. The person you're accusing of discrimination made no blanket statements about men. Believe me, I'm one of the first to jump on discrimination against women OR men (I don't believe in such a thing as 'reverse discrimination' - a person is discriminating or they're not), and I don't believe it's happening in this case. If Samy_Merchy had said 'I tried making a male character but all men are ick' I'd fully agree with you, but she didn't.
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