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Then you're reading it out of context.

That's the actual post fragment you're quoting. There's a fine but very important distinction between a sexist opinion ('All men are disgusting') and an overwhelming preference ('I find all men disgusting'). Samy_Merchi isn't saying 'all men are disgusting' or 'all men are lesser creatures', nor anything of the sort. She's saying that she finds male characters disgusting (presumably due to a very strong personal preference), or at least the ones she tried to make with the SWTOR character builder. That's an opinion based within a preference and, like all preferences, it's the owner's to have.

I believe you, too, are taking statements out of context. Probably intentionally and certainly dismissively. How people react to internal gameplay is going to be different from you. The language they use to express that is also going to be different. Going over minutiae and claiming that it makes them seem incapable of discerning reality just makes you look judgemental.

I understand it and I get it and you would make a very good politician aswell. I know what I read. I actually wanted to bring up Marriage i.e ceremony,ring and or Rp tools between players and I get reverse discrimination instead. I feel more Rp style relationship tools would be fun to toy with and would open it up to the next level for all peeps.