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01.17.2013 , 07:59 PM | #29
my input.

Some of my belts and gloves do not color match. Not a big deal to me on most characters/companions- but useful info for the dev team maybe. I know for sure that the belt and gloves that I bought from the Chevin world event are those that don't conform-irregardless of whether equipped on companion or character. There are one or two others that don't conform also- but i can't remember what they are. I do have a ton of characters.

Recently, when in conversation with my companions- the unify colors and hide helmet doesn't always work. Sometimes it will, but most time it will not. Not sure how long this may have been an issue since the companion dialogues are a rarity when compared to what one does in the rest of the game. I can say for sure that it has been happening for the past week or so. Vette wears a color riot during those conversations instead of the sleek, sophisticated outfit she sports the rest of the time.