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So, I never go Aresnal right....Always played Pyro.

So playing tracer spam, I find myself being able to go against saber wielders but classes like pyro merc or snipers seem to best me. (If I dont have proper Cds etc)

Honestly, I cant complain unless 4 ppl jump on me at once and shut me out completely.
9/10 melee opponents interrupt w/e they see first. baiting w/ power shot is pretty easy, and then you can stand their and face tank for 3 tracer missiles -> kb -> unload -> hsm and rs. at that point theyre probably dead. arsenal/gunnery is so poorly designed that its full rotation is usually longer than TTK. tracers crit for ~3k, unload can crit for close to 10k. thats 19k damage right there, and is really only 50% of your rotation.
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