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Are droids sentient? There's a Republic quest on Nar Shaddaa where you encounter an astromech droid that has achieved sentience. Can they qualify as living beings? They have a metabolism, can self-repair and adapt in some cases, but they cannot reproduce sexually or asexually. They can only be constructed.

The knight questline on Hoth even suggests that droids may one day become force sensitive. One of the power players on Nar Shaddaa is the DX Annihilator network which is basically a bunch of sentient droids. One of the Grand Hunt Champions is a DX droid who you meet as a bounty hunter. And isn't one of Ardun Kothe's team members a droid? And the trooper has a sentient droid companion.

Since they are sentient, they deserve rights. Just not the same level of rights that organics have. While this might offend some of the traditionalists, look at it pragmatically. It's better to be proactive than face a droid rebellion down the line.