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01.17.2013 , 07:21 PM | #20
It fully depends on the group. We often had WH healers heal for us, no problems at all unless they were paired with a weak healer. They can hold their own, but they couldn't carry somebody else. This was when TFB first came out, now it would be even easier. Just last week we took a fresh 50 mercenary alt in a mixture of recruit mk-2, Tionese, a 61 PvE barrel, and a WH off hand. He had about 16.5K hps. Didn't wipe once until Terror (would have had him too if the correct person battle res'd).

We have taken WH DPS through it, and the numbers they put out are more than good enough to beat enrage timers. Their DPS output was better than some of our weaker PvE players in better gear (albeit, it was a PT and Marauder in the WH).

Haven't tried a WH tank yet, don't think we had any before some of the PvP'ers left to form a dedicated guild.

NiEC, we refuse to take people who aren't in PvE gear.