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That's brilliant!

Any chance there's a way of visually differentiating ...

Even just physically separating buffs from debuffs (as they are on the target frame) on the raid frame would be ideal.
There is a lot of potential mileage in the separating idea. You could also slice and dice it this way:
  1. long term buffs (class buffs, stims) and stances (ion cell, soresu form)
  2. self applied short term buffs and procs (including heroic moment)
  3. 3rd party applied short term effects (sage bubbles, speed buff)

#1 doesn't change much during combat (opponent can switch stances but other stuff stays the same). #2 and #3 are dynamic. Looking at my bar, I'm mostly interested in seeing what debuffs a 3rd party has applied (#3) while for targets (friend or enemy) I'm mostly interested in #2 and #3.

currently, if I have a ton of procs and (de)buffs, it is hard to find one I'm looking for as I really don't understand how they sort (today).

Mentally, I have something I want to check for and I want to know where to look for it rather than have to scan visually.

Of course as a player gets more skilled he learns to see and recognize the corresponding animations (when there is one -- e.g. taunt and defensive CDs). Presumably many things do not have animations (e.g. stacks of sunder armor -- a key variable in the smash equation).

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